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Are you looking for a professional that can handle your website maintenance? I'm offering ongoing maintenance and support services— tailored to your website— at a fair cost.

Top-level services & simple working process— feel free to send me a message through e-mail, WhatsApp or by other means specified within the page.

  • Monthly backups & updates
  • Ongoing edits & modifications when needed
  • SEO improvements
  • HTML, Shopify, WordPress & more.
  • Custom web pages, sections & elements.
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Website maintenance can come in many forms— ranging from having a working website— to ensuring that your website is always working.

If you are looking for web maintenance services— you probably know the struggle of having a 100% safe & sound website.

To have an ideal picture, an experienced website developer can come in handy into making your business thrive by saving your time, stress & effort— let me do my job while you focus to do yours.

By choosing me as your webite developer you can expect professional web support, quick turnarounds & answers within hours.

I'm an authorized freelancer web developer offering ongoing maintenance & support services for businesses of any size— wether its a personal blog or a top 10 Forbes company, I'm here to assist you.

This service offering is intended for custom HTML, WordPress and Shopify stores only.

I don't consider myself as a jack of all trades, but I'm positive that I can bring value to your business whenever you are having issues with your website or decide to improve it.

Feel free to message me through e-mail or WhatsApp.

WordPress Maintenance

Having a stable WordPress website is always ideal— however, sometime, even on simple websites this can become very challanging when an update is made— wether is a theme or a plugin update.

Depending on your website's complexity and the support of the plugins used, this can quickly become very time extensive to debug.

If this is the case— I can intervene, debug, and provide a viable solution— feel free to message me briefly describing the problem & I will get back to you in a timely manner. Don't forget to indicate the exact web link on which the issue is present.

Ensuring that your website is kept up to date and always working as expected is a crucial perk for many businesses.

Are you looking for someone that can add a new landing page, section or element to your website? Send me a message and I'm sure that your web related needs will be promptly addressed.

Shopify Maintenance

If you are having a simple Shopify website, maintaining it shouldn't be an issue— assuming that the theme along with the apps used are reliable and updated on time.

The more apps are being used— the higher is the chance of having a code conflict somewhere within your website— a simple, banal bug can make your checkout process inaccesible.

If you've experienced issues or conflicts within your website's apps or functions you probably already know how stressful this can be— hiring me as your web developer may be the solution.

Web Site Customizations, Upgrades & Improvements

Are looking to customize a section of your current website? Is there a logical or design bug that requires a fix? I can fix or customize your website in a timely manner— at an affordable cost.

Reference price list for website maintenance

If you are wondering how much your website maintenance should cost, check the below list to make a better idea of the services I'm offering. This is a reference list.

Monthly website maintenance

  • Website backup € 10
  • Plugins/apps updates € 50
  • Traffic Analytics report based on your indications € 25
  • Publishing through CMS - 5 new articles or products € 50
  • Improving title & description of 4 pages € 100


  • Migrate HTML website to new host € 50
  • Migrate WordPress website to new hosting company € 150
  • WordPress custom design services and coding starting from € 150
  • Shopify custom section design and coding starting from € 150
  • Improving security of website starting from € 150
  • Ensuring that the website is WCAG compliant request free quote
  • Fix website hack, remove malicious code request free quote

Please note that the above list is just a reference. Feel free to contact me for an accurate quote that is based on your needs.

I can empower your business by:

  • Creating a professional website
  • Setting the brand identity
  • Designing various marketing materials
  • Providing RPA solutions

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Technologies used: Wordpress, Shopify, HTML/CSS, Jquery, GreenSOck, Photoshop, Illustrator, Ui Path.

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