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My name is Gabriel, I am an authorized web designer & developer working as a freelancer/contractor currently living in Bucharest, Romania – offering web services wordwide. I believe that I'm ambitious and determined and I like to think of myself as a professional that gets things done on time.

When I'm not juggling web sites or doing creative graphic works, I like to watch a good movie, to run or walk in the forest. In the future I would like to climb the world's tallest mountains and experience freelancing from there, with little to no internet.

What I don’t do:

  • I don't promise you unrealizable things
  • I don’t oversell
  • I will not vanish once we complete our first contract
  • High prices and low quality

My journey as a web freelancer

I've started working in the digital & web realm in 2015 and since then I had more than 1000 happy clients.

Along the way I had the pleasure to meet awesome teammates and to work with both small business entrepreneurs and Forbes 500 companies. I've learned from the best that a professional online presence is a must for everyone.

I've developed websites and designed marketing materials for different industries including IT&C, electronics, real estate, health, wellness and more.

You can find & hire me on most of the platforms, including LinkedIn and Facebook. I'm also present on Fiverr, UpWork, PeoplePerHour & relevant platforms.

Hands-on working experience

Heading toward today, I had the pleasure to work with more than 1000 business professionals and delivered over 2000 marketing assets, including websites and print materials.

Working at Microsoft

Working in the marketing department as a web developer and graphic designer gave me a better vision about how to successfully market a business. I miss the days of being part of an awesome team— but at the same time, I'm happy that today I can manage my own schedule— new management may not always bring in perks.

Working at Edenred

I've worked as a graphic designer for the marketing department and had to delivery both digital and print assets as well as offering quick turnarounds.

Working for small businesses & individuals

I had the pleasure to work on diversified projects and to meet awesome professionals from all over the world.

Along the time, I succesfully completed over 2000 projects (as of 28 Aug 2022) related to web realm and adiacent works.

Whether you are a startup or a fully extendend corporation— You can count on my quick turnaround services. I'm offering my services to both individuals and marketing department managers.

My main focus is to make the web accessible to every person on the planet— by implementing Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) on every website.

People with disabilities deserves a better online world, and if not today, then when? Start acting today by requesting an accesible website that can be surfed by anyone.

Don't worry!

Someone famous (a long time ago) said: Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.

Creating marketing materials for people with disabilities shouldn't be on your menu but— even if not requested, I will do my best to have the website or the marketing material created in an accsible way for people with disablities, within your requirements.

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Gabriel Soare, sea background.


I've attended & graduated Politechnica University of Bucharest between 2013–2017 and got the title of Engineer in Electronics & Telecommunications.

As forever, I'm focusing my time in the field of web development.

Most of my teachers were great mentors. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to learn about the world of informatics and the power of technology.

Trusted by:

Worked for Microsoft, Edenred, Marvell and more.

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